Around about the start of January this year I had a thought... how hard would it be for a 14 stone slightly out of shape, 33 year old regular guy from Manchester, England to be a bodybuilder?

I do believe that everything is possible given time. I however, decided to undertake this task in 12 weeks. That's 3 months or to be exact 84 days! 84 days to completely change my life from a daily diet of sometimes 8 bars of chocolate and at least 1 KFC meal to something which was so alien and extreme to me that I wasn't sure I would be able to actually go through with it!  I decided to just do it anyway!

I researched my subject with a fever, reading everything I could lay my hands on from Joe Weiders Flex, Muscles and Fitness to Alex Mac's The Beef magazines to name but a few. I read training and diet manuals (The encyclopaedia of Modern Bodybuilding by Arnold Schwarzenegger to A Portrait of Dorian Yates, A warriors Story by Peter McGough). I wanted to find out everything I could about this weird and wonderful sport I'd been fascinated about since I was 10 years old.

Although I felt as though I was fairly clued up about my subject, I needed something else, someone else, to help me and guide me through my quest, a kind of Yoda or mentor! I'm a big believer that If you put out the right signals in life things have a habit of just falling into place. This happened for me when I read Jon Hotten's book 'Muscle'. Muscle takes you into the world of 'a sport with no boundaries'. What an amazing read from an amazing writer! It also gave me my 'Yoda' the man I needed for the job.

Throughout the 2 years Jon researched his book he followed around Mr Kerry Kayes. Kerry is a former national bodybuilding champion and an expert in nutrition and strength training. Although he didn't remember, I had met Kerry once before and he came across as a really friendly entertaining chap so I had no problem in getting his number and giving him a call to ask for his help. So, just towards the end of February 2008 I met Kerry at his famous Beta Bodies gym in Denton. I outlined my idea and he told me he'd love to be involved on two conditions. The first was that I gave it 100% and the second was that I 'guest posed' at a show his sports nutrition company CNP Professional was sponsoring. The show was the UKBFF(United Kingdom Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation) North West qualifier on Sunday 25th May, 12 weeks on Sunday! 12 weeks, another quirk of fate!

The first training day was scheduled for Monday 3rd of March and Kerry opened up the gym early to allow us to both have the day free to get on with our other respective business commitments. Kerry presented me with a huge array of necessary supplements to aid my training from protein drinks to tablets containing micro nutrients essential to aid recovery after hard training. I cannot stress the importance of CNP's products in the 12 week process. The supplements helped me get the extra protein I needed to grow without the extra food calories which would have hampered my fat loss. Then to the exercise which consisted of intense heavy weight training to failure. The first workout was executed in a surprisingly short 25 mins but, as I soon realised, less is sometimes more!

My entire journey over the 12 weeks has been captured by director and filmmaker Mr David Rankin. We have interviewed relevant people such as Ricky Hatton who was in a 12 week training camp with Kerry at the same time as me and following a similar diet. Also I got to share a stage with bodybuilding superstar and Mr Olympia top 5 placer Chris Cormier and got inside the mind of several other high profile figures of the sport like the up and coming American Phil Heath. In my documentary I want to give an insight into a much misunderstood activity which I have become genuinely passionate about. I want people to see through the usual stereotypes associated with it and put a positive perspective on what I think is quite simply the most disciplined and dedicated sport in the world.

A few of my Statistics before and after (On day of show)




Weight (stones)



Body Fat Percentage



Waist  (inches)



Biceps (inches)



Chest  (inches)



Quads (inches)



More updates to follow and the film will be ready to be broadcast by the Autumn.

Scott Wright

12 Weeks - Documentary Trailer