Flex UK - May 2008

He has guided Dorian Yates to the Mr. Olympia crown and Ricky Hatton to the pinnacle of world boxing.  But CNP boss and former British over-40s champion Kerry Kayes took on an altogether different challenge in the spring when he agreed to get former Coronation Street star Scott Wright into shape for a bodybuilding contest in just 12 weeks.

Kerry Kayes and Scott Wright


Scott is no stranger to displaying his body in public: he played Sam the stripper in Coronation Street for two-and-a-half years before moving on. He showed then that he could get in pretty decent shape but getting on stage at a bodybuilding contest is another matter as he himself knows. He is a big fan of the sport: he enjoys lifting, once attended the British Grand Prix and reads FLEX regularly.
The plan was for Scott to do a guest performance at Kerry's North-West Championships in Warrington on May 25. When we met up with him five weeks into his body makeover at the South Coast Championships in April he was not exactly confident about his prospects, even though he had already slimmed down from 198 pounds to 187 pounds under Kerry's eye. "I've been backstage and having looked at the guys there I'm wondering how I can possibly get in shape in another seven weeks," he said, pinching more than an inch on his stomach.

The problem was Scott's training had gone to pot in recent months and his bodyfat measured 24 per cent at the start of the 12 weeks. Because of the short time frame, Kerry devised a routine that involved four short, intense workouts a week and a heck of a lot of cardio to make the most of what he has got. "He should have separation by the time of the contest but getting ripped in such a short space of time is a big ask," says Kerry.

Scott made the most of his trip to the South Coast Championships by picking up some tips off guest star Phil Heath and getting a feel for what he would be getting himself into. Whatever happens he hopes the documentary, a date for which has yet to be set, will show what average people can achieve in three months on a bodybuilding programme. "Millions of people saw me on Coronation Street and hopefully many of them will tune in to see whether I humiliate myself or manage to pull it off," says Scott.
You can see whether Scott pulls it off by going along to Kerry's North-West Championships at the Parr Hall, Warrington, on May 25. American superstar Chris Cormier will also be doing a guest spot. Tickets cost £15 and can be ordered from sponsors CNP on 0161 320 8145.
We shall also be featuring Scott's training routine in more detail in a forthcoming edition.